About Personal Reputation


Our History

2012 saw the launch of Personal Reputation Repair by businessman Sean D. Lassiter. We worked on online reputation management at the beginning for several UK clients.

With the expansion of online life, having a solid online reputation has become crucial for both individuals and organizations. As a result, we became experts in online reputation management by hiring and developing a team of professionals made up of colleagues in SEO, PR, content, and technological fields.

Since then, we have expanded our clientele and now work with people, small and medium-sized businesses, and giant corporations worldwide. Our areas of expertise include financial services, real estate, energy and utilities, travel and tourism, retail, and food and drink. We have worked with clients in many industries. To provide our clients with the most proper guidance and services, we ensure we stay abreast of the ever-evolving digital scene.

The UK, Europe, Africa, the UAE, the US, and Canada are among the regions where Personal Reputation Repair operates as a leading authority in online reputation management. It also works with high-net-worth people, brands, and companies in these regions.

In addition to constantly appearing in national and specialized media, our prominent spokespeople also write thought-provoking e-books and guides on the most recent research and helpful tips on managing reputation online.

Expert comment on reputation management

The Global Banking & Finance Review article that our study featured in reveals lousy material's true impact on UK firms.

We discuss the steps businesses may take to combat bogus internet reviews with the BBC's Business Daily show.

Digitaltrends.com interviews Sean D. Lassiter on how online chat identities are used as the new generation of credit scores.

Our research, which demonstrates that unfavourable material hurts a third of UK firms, is featured in Marketing Industry News.

Who restores a company's reputation after using poor corporate governance practices? Sean D. Lassiter discusses it with Communicate Magazine. Sean D. Lassiter

talks about how companies should take care of their reputations when Forbes considers how firms may preserve client loyalty.

Positive internet reputations benefit companies and people. Higher trust and credibility, more significant profit, less risk, media, investor, and employee confidence, as well as digital word-of-mouth advertising, are the advantages.

Personal Reputation Repair Services

Our services are tailored to each client's needs. They may include reputation audits on a global or local level, ongoing monitoring of search engine results, algorithms, and online conversations, legal assistance with issues involving online libel and defamation, social media, content, and PR strategies, managing online reviews, and challenging and removing content.

With in-house content writers, journalists, and technical SEO resources, Personal Reputation Repairh as vast expertise in digital marketing. They produce and promote both owned and third-party profiles, news stories, and blogs with an emphasis on audience relevance and online exposure.

Our group improves and established internet reputation by

  • Methods and audits for online reputation.
  • Developing and marketing online information, such as blogs, websites, e-guides, and profiles.
  • Using effective PR, content, social media, and communication methods and approaches to advance authoritative reputations.
  • Taking legal action against information that is offensive or irrelevant.
  • Tracking and detecting sentiment and mentions.
  • Putting good review techniques into practice.