Personal Reputation

Personal Reputation Repair: tips for promoting yourself

Personal branding is an aspect of fundamental importance for a consideration of personal reputation. Not only offline but also online, both from a private and business point of view. Doing personal branding means in a certain sense doing marketing to promote yourself. A demanding task that, above all, requires a 360-degree management. As a result of which in every single context it is appropriate to play a very specific role. To be able to achieve the set goals it is necessary to orient oneself. To range with ease between the virtual world and the real one.


The first step that must be taken in the context of a strategy to promote personal reputation is that of self- evaluation . Knowing yourself is essential to sell yourself – if you can say so – to others. Therefore, it is necessary to ask oneself about one’s abilities to reflect on what one is able to do and on the skills one has. At the same time it is good to try to understand what role you intend to play, what are your strengths and what, instead, the potential weaknesses. It is a question of engaging in a sort of self-test which, of course, must be carried out with the utmost objectivity: only in this way can you have credibility and be reliable for partners, employers or customers. There awareness is an essential feature for successful personal branding.

Put yourself in the shoes of others

Later, it may be useful to adopt the point of view of other subjects: not only the potential client, but also – for example – the professionals with whom you have collaborated in the past, or the figures with whom you will want to work in the future . Putting yourself in the shoes of others serves to reflect on yourself and on what you are able to offer them. It may be useful, perhaps, to draw up a list of questions to ask yourself. In this phase, some characteristics prove to be extremely valuable: competence, for example, but also listening and humility. You have to meditate on the skills you have in terms of problem solving, reliability, time management, and so on.

What objective do you intend to achieve?

At this point, the preventive self-investigation can be considered concluded, and therefore you can move on to the next step, which consists in defining the goal that you have in mind to reach: what is, in essence, the goal you are aiming for? It is clear that if this question is not answered it is not possible to intervene on personal reputation in a specific way. This is an inevitable step, because it allows you to customize your brand based on the context in which you are acting. Being resourceful is almost an obligation, but the goals still need to be realistic .

The characteristics of the market Personal Reputation

Only by knowing the market you are part of, or which you want to join. Is it possible to understand which is the way to go to reach the desired goal . Depending on the objectives, it is necessary to draw up a precise strategy. Which can then be modified and recalibrated from time to time according to contingencies over time. Being precise and versatile allows you to adapt your modus operandi based on the interlocutors with whom you relate.

How to sell yourself Personal Reputation

When working on personal reputation, one must think of oneself as products . In particular, the product that must be sold is the set of skills and abilities that one is able to offer. We must address others with a conscious and objective attitude: the willingness to adapt is an appreciated gift. The content is important, but the form is just as important: just as the packaging in which it is proposed also counts for a product. So for a professional it is essential to pay attention to one’s appearance.

Communicate Well

To present yourself effectively it is better not to give up an adequate dress code. Physical appearance includes the clothes you wear and how you take care of yourself. But also the factors that have to do with proxemics. Communicating well also means knowing how to communicate well. In today’s market visibility is an essential aspect, and we need to adapt. Finally, it is useful to focus on assertiveness. An aspect that is taken into consideration more and more often in the world of work. it is the ability to speak clearly. defining one’s own needs, avoiding to bully others. In short, a good compromise between education and charisma.

What to do to promote yourself Personal Reputation

The promotion strategies that can be adopted in the context of personal reputation vary according to the communication channels that you decide to use. The classic business card, however traditional, is still an effective tool for self-sponsorship; but then there are also social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn . And, again, here are public relations and blogs. Communication is not only verbal, of course: everything contributes to forming the opinions of others. Creativity is the ideal starting point for communicating and promoting oneself, perhaps with the right amount of initiative. Personal branding is also done in private relationships, and to achieve your goal it is essential to be memorable and concise.

Analyze the results obtained

In the end, the moment arrives in which the results obtained must be analyzed. The ex post exam serves to verify what has been done and how one has behaved. For a complete self-assessment of the work that has been done. Conciseness, attitude and communication skills are some of the aspects that need to be reflected on. It is certainly not forbidden to make mistakes. But what matters is to learn from them and adopt a constructive attitude. When you are wrong, you must not drown in guilt. But on the contrary it is important to transform the falls into opportunities. That help to consolidate a strategy that will prove to be successful in the future. Self-pity is useless, because training in personal branding never runs out: you always learn, both in relationships and in work.